Current Grand Officers of New York Rainbow

Grand Floor Officers

Miss Haley D.
2019-2020 Grand Worthy Advisor

Theme: Discover Your Big Adventure
Colors: Pink, Red, Orange and Yellow
Mascot: Piglet

Grand Worthy Associate Advisor:  Amanda R.
Grand Charity and Member of Jr. Grand Executive Committee: Lindsey P.
Grand Hope and Member of Jr. Grand Executive Committee: Malea H.
Grand Faith: Ariana A.
Grand Recorder: Taylor G.
Grand Treasurer and Chairman of Jr. Grand Executive Committee: Melanie C.
Grand Chaplain: Jacqueline P.
Grand Drill Leader: Emily W.
Grand Love: Phoebe R.
Grand Religion: Emma M.
Grand Nature:  Brianna G.
Grand Immortality: Ainsley P.
Grand Fidelity: Catrina R.
Grand Patriotism: Sydney D.
Grand Service: Alyssa D.
Grand Confidential Observer: Ryann C.
Grand Outer Observer: Nubia H.
Grand Lecturer: Ariana A.


2019 Grand Representatives

New Hampshire: Sydney D.
New Jersey: Tabitha R.
New Mexico: Charlyanna J.
North Carolina: Phoebe R.
Ohio: Jacqueline P.
Oklahoma: Tabitha R.
Pennsylvania: Lily B.
Rhode Island: Ainsley P.
South Carolina: Lily B.
Tennessee: Emily W.
Texas: Ariel C.
Vermont: Ariel C.
Virginia: Abbie K.

Out of Country Ambassadors:
Canada: Claire D.
Philippines: Claire D.

Alaska: Nubia H.
California: Ryann C.
Connecticut: Mary P.
Florida: Charlyanna J.
Georgia: Niessa C.
Indiana: Kendra E.
Kentucky: Mary P.
Maine: Emma M.
Maryland: Catrina R.
Massachusetts: Abbie K.
Michigan: Alyssa D.
Missouri: Niessa C.
Nebraska: Brianna G.
Nevada: Kendra E.

Contact Hope Corona, our Grand Representatives Director, to find out more about your counterpart here.